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Woah, oh my, that's some sweet, sweet, delicious smooth animation with a lot of funny and amazing expression! LOVE IT :D

Animation quality is over the top, 11/10! Everything else, not so much. The plot is a huge mess, and the randomness isn't actually good, imho. Still, your animation talent and clean art were a blast to watch :) Wish you'd make an anime fight sequence, as that boss fight at the end could potentially be an amazing Attack on Titan fight!

EDIT: Is it possible to get a full length version of Rod Tickles - Baby, Baby Please? It was somewhat catchy x)

The animations are DOPE! Seriously, that was borderline anime quality. Fresh colors, cleanly drawn frames, fluid 'n' smooth animations, crazy angles and perspectives, and just overall flawless animation quality!

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What a plot twist!! This had me both frustrated and immersed with its creative puzzles, long gameplay, creepy story, and eerie atmosphere. Thanks for making me pull my hair out for an hour or so :)

I wasn't expecting much, but dang, that was CREEPY as heck ;O You really nailed the whole eerie atmosphere and setting, as it made me creep out x) Good job!

Koobazaur responds:

Thanks! I was pleasantly surprised people dug the dark-grim atmosphere. It was part of the experiment - I wasn't sure if it will translate from my vision or put people off. People also liked my second game's aesthetic. Glad it worked :)

After reading a lot of negative reviews consequently, I had to log in to leave a review of my own. I didn't expect this to be an interactive, so it came as a pleasant surprise when I started the game. While the game was rather short, I had a fun few minutes on this game being able to choose what to say and play in a virtual setting. While some of the reviews below might be true on the dialogs and content not being your strongest ability (I loved the art and animation!), I thought it was enjoyable for what it was worth, an interactive small debate game with a nice setting :) Keep making this, because you will only improve after reading the reviews and there's no one to stop you either -- looking forward to the next game :D!

Jasonario responds:

Thank you. That was refreshing

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WTH DID I LISTEN TO XDD?!? kinda liked it

NICE surprise! Sounded like something out of a Donkey Kong Country game set in wild forest-themed stage :)

oddly satisfying...

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How did this not win?

Amazing! This should win Best Art for Robot Day 2018 :)

Eurns responds:

thanks a lot!

Where do I play this game?? I NEED it!

FuShark responds:

In your dreams for now. Sorry and thanks!

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