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Funny, hilarious and well-animated :)

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Great as always :)! I remember watching your first pencilmations ages ago in 2005/2006 and they were absolutely hilarious and creative. I wished for more, and surprisingly you returned a few years later and posted A LOT of them. I was happy on your behalf, but it was a bit soul-crushing to see them not be as popular. However, the story is different today -- I think I saw one of your videos having millions of views on YouTube. I am so happy for all your success, you truly deserve it :) Good to know you still haven't forgotten Newgrounds ^u^

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Don't listen to the guy below me, the Ninja Viking made the whole thing 10 times more epic! So much creds to you for animating that lovely ninja acrobatic sequence and the ninja fight later on, that shit is almost on anime level -- I loved it!

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Don't listen to the review below me, she's an obvious troll. I love the idea and the addictiveness of it -- I just HAVE TO keep mining even when I think I'm tired haha :) It's a bit slow, I'll admit, but the purpose is probably to let it mine cookies while being offline and enjoy the game in the course of several days. A thing which could be improved, is the layout and design, which works, but I'd love to see upgraded graphics with a bit more minimalistic flat design approach :)

All in all, great job with this, I'm addicted, and a nice tribute to cookie clicker :)

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drmop44 responds:

Great to hear that you are enjoying the game, it is designed to be very addictive (I actually have 3 versions going that I play every day). I'm constantly updating the game and coming up with new ideas and hope to add many new features over the coming weeks / months. The layout / design is targeted at mobile, but I'm looking at ways of adding in extra desktop like features exclusively for none mobile devices (trying to cover both platforms with the same UI is proving difficult and upsetting a number of people).

I wasn't expecting much, but dang, that was CREEPY as heck ;O You really nailed the whole eerie atmosphere and setting, as it made me creep out x) Good job!

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Koobazaur responds:

Thanks! I was pleasantly surprised people dug the dark-grim atmosphere. It was part of the experiment - I wasn't sure if it will translate from my vision or put people off. People also liked my second game's aesthetic. Glad it worked :)

After reading a lot of negative reviews consequently, I had to log in to leave a review of my own. I didn't expect this to be an interactive, so it came as a pleasant surprise when I started the game. While the game was rather short, I had a fun few minutes on this game being able to choose what to say and play in a virtual setting. While some of the reviews below might be true on the dialogs and content not being your strongest ability (I loved the art and animation!), I thought it was enjoyable for what it was worth, an interactive small debate game with a nice setting :) Keep making this, because you will only improve after reading the reviews and there's no one to stop you either -- looking forward to the next game :D!

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Jasonario responds:

Thank you. That was refreshing

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Awesome, this somehow reminded me of the soundtrack of Super Meat Boy, especially from 00:07, but anyways, good job :)

Not bad, I actually like it :D

SinclairStrange responds:


Damn, that is sweet! I didn't know House songs were this awesome, so I wasn't expecting much from this song, but woah, why didn't this win Robot Day?!?! Awesome track, dude, I just feel it could've been better without the voices.

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Amazing! This should win Best Art for Robot Day 2018 :)

Eurns responds:

thanks a lot!

Where do I play this game?? I NEED it!

FuShark responds:

In your dreams for now. Sorry and thanks!

You are so talented, amazing art :)!!

Zalfurius responds:

hey thanks :)

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